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Travel News – Places Information Around the World, at your fingertips for 365 Days

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Travel News is a Travel Blog founded on February 7, 2024. Human is a social animal and cannot live alone without society. So he has to study the happenings around him, the changing situation and various places while living his life.

We get information about all these situations and places from the news. In old times, people used to get information about these places through newspapers. But later when media like television became available for it, we started watching information on TV. But this Information had a certain timing and used to be published at that time.

But as we entered the 21st century, many means of communication evolved. Many news channels were also created on TV as one of them. Information of various places started showing through these channels and this information continues to be shown day and night.

Also, information bombardment continues on many sites on social platforms. It is unfortunate that in order to get likes and subscribes on social media, some media outlets post information just to become viral, without checking or verifying the truth or veracity of the information. But it is true that the world has come very close in all these processes.

Everyone is eager to know what is going on in the unbroken world in the present age. But due to rising inflation, unemployment and busy work schedule, people cannot visit all these places due to lack of time. But there are some important places, which is very important to reach people.

People can truly connect with each other after getting information of such important famous places, such as top and best colleges (law, medical, engineering, IT etc.), Schools, Hotels, Hosptals, Trips, Shopping places, Timetables of transportation etc. as well as the latest news reaches people. Similarly, students appearing for competitive exams are very helpful for the subject of General Knowledge and current affairs.

Newsprime365.com has taken up the task of bringing such important and updated information about various important places instantly to all Indians and alternatively to the world. It is a humble request that you all support this work and stay connected with us to bring you real, important, popular and updated information.

If you have any suggestions, complaints or guidance regarding the information provided by us, your thoughts are welcome. After subscribing to the Travel website, the latest and important information posted will reach you first and you can also guide about it.


Our Motto

Helping People, Changing Lives.

Our Vision

Travel News – Places Information Around the World, at your fingertips for 365 Days

Our Mission

To Provide Information about various important places and Trending News to Become India’s Leading Travel Portal.

Our Travel Portal or Travel Website is in English Which is Global Language to show information related to all over the world. For those countries, who associated with Hindi language, we have placed translation button to whole site to read in hindi.


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